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GUI and controls


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I get annoyed at that the mouse scroll change characters and not level. Please change it or that I can rebind it.

Sometime when I click on the GUI for the character then character move to that part of map even I just click example weapon.

I do get to part that I need to multi click button and other stuff for it just should do it stuff.

For this is getting really annoying.

I really want to launch the aircraft when I left click the world map.

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The movement when clicking the command bar is an odd bug. It shouldn't be happening.

Having the intercept window pop-up when clicking the world map is a nice idea, but I think left-click is to drag the map as well.

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It would just bring up mission launch control. No need for anything new.

It just skips having to click up on "Intercept" then back down on the map. If the right mouse isn't doing anything anyway, the whole thing could be streamlined.

Oh, and maybe it's just me being geriatric but it would be nice if the target area for clicking on UFOs when you want to intercept THOSE was a little bigger.

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About the scrolling I do use more of the nummer keys than scrolling to change soldier.

I am more used to change level or change camera angle with the scrolling/wheel key becouse of the others games.

So clicking on the GUI and the soldier move is bug, then it's good to know. Is it for I have 1440p monitor?

Yes, it whould be easier to have contextual window for Intercept when right click on the world map.

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