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v19ex2 Grenade flying all over to the top left map corner /door has no "open" tooltip

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i'm trying to throw a grenade inside medium ufo through a door that has no "open" tooltip (the door that separates furthest section of this ufo). I'm throwing it by cpt. JONATHAN VESSEY to closest alien. See savegames - this one for throwing grenade and this one for door with no tooltip. Grenade just flies out of the ufo and explodes at top left map corner

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Doors may be disabled by shooting at them just enough. Can be used to your advantage, specially on alien bases, if you want to make sure you won't be flanked by them lizards/harridans.

Shoot them some more and they'll be destroyed. But there's a bug going on where props will respawn after loading a save, so doors might get back.

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