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Why Doesn't Goldhawk Have Google Plus Button?

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It's hard to recommend this website to Google when there is no Google Plus button to be seen anywhere. Not that I use that feature myself but I'm sure many other people do and would recommend Goldhawk if the option were available.

Support Xenonauts. If it sells well enough maybe Goldhawk will make yet another X-Com re-imagining aka Xenonauts 2 (despite the objections of Chris to doing a sequel).

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Goldhawk has a Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account you can add to the "likes" of their page. Basically it just increases the presence of Goldhawk on that site. Since Goldhawk has lots of information about Xenonauts on Facebook it will direct people over here.

Google Plus is similar though different. I use neither Plus or Facebook myself but it's a proven method of generating more internet traffic to a website.

The buttons are little more than a quick means for people to inform the world at large that they approve of a specific site.

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I'm no expert on either system. I just know they are proven models for increasing traffic. On Facebook comments, links to Xenonauts and lots of friends would likely be key factors to attract more people.

Unless I'm mistaken, recommending a website on Google+ can actually cause the Google search engine to start ranking a website higher on the list(assuming there are enough recommendations). Higher rankings means a greater chance of showing up on the all-important first page of a search.

Since search engines are getting more and more savvy about ranking sites it's important to advertise naturally so that's why I would only encourage people to use Facebook and Google+ to help Xenonauts if they already use those social networking tools. If I were to sign up for Facebook right now and click the "like" button and post a few comments it might very well be dismissed as spam (it would be spam too).

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