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Vehicle modding


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Is there a hard code limit to only having 5 primary weapons for vehicles ? Im trying to add a weapon to the hunter and the chassis animation is not being displayed properly.

<Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0" ss:Height="13.5">   <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">VEHICLE.HUNTER</Data></Cell>   <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3.97</Data></Cell>   <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3.12</Data></Cell>   <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">4.5</Data></Cell>   <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">POWERPLANT.HUNTER</Data></Cell>    <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">58</Data></Cell>   <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">CHASSIS.HUNTER</Data></Cell>   <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell>   <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell>   <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">2</Data></Cell><Cell><Data ss:Type="String">VV.MACHINEGUN;VV.ROCKET;VV.PULSELASER;VV.PLASMABOLT;VV.MAC</Data></Cell>
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I use Programmer's Notepad for my editing, never had issue with it.

I will look into it, notepad++ makes operating in cell based XML a pain, and openoffice cannot save an XML in a shape that xenonaughts can recognize, despite being able to sort XML on a excell like chart, the way cell based XML are supposed to be viewed.

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Im currently trying to add a secondary weapon to the hunter and its acting as if support for this function is broken.

I remember reading were Chris stated this was just left over code. My question is, is this left over code finished or something that was being implanted at the time and was never completed ?

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