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New Idea for Special intercept missions.

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Hello, guys! Here is my idea which was realized in my novel "2085. Fifth Invasion Chronicles" and planned to be realized in Russian X-COM inspired project 2021. The Last Frontier. Unfortunately the 2021 project seems to be closed for lack of programming, while it PROBABLY could be very similar to Xenonauts.

The similar idea was more o less realized in X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012 DLC (as well as the Russian localization used my word from 2085 - 'plasmer' instead of plasma rifles, pistols etc.).

Okay here is an idea and mechanics of implementation in current game. I think it will not be impossible to implement it, there will be few need of additional graphics.

The assault of UFO in flight. Not shooting it down, not waiting for land.

The upgrade of existing landing craft Shrike can be made (or developing new type of craft, but that is much more in graphic). The craft becomes extremely fast. It may carry only few soldiers (much place will be taken by additional engines or fuel). And only the strongest can participate and not be wounded (that means the week may suffer in extreme velocity and start mission wounded).

So the craft will do the following things.

1. Start an intercept of UFO.

2. Successfully touch it if UFO does not change the course. If changes, craft returns to base with slow speed and may be very week against alien retaliation in the sky.

3. Open UFO by precision charges (no special graphics, just one craft attached to another and black screen around).

The operatives then:

1. Start assault. Not all the aliens can fight against, some busy with flight control.

2. Finish assault. There have to be limited turn counter, for only skilled solders can be effective.

3. The soldiers with simple armor can suffer health diminishing turn by turn. The velocity, alien atmosphere etc.

The successful result gives.

1. Big loot.

2. Specific experience. For example one time high rising of stats.

3. Special technology. Something like. Alien inflight control recordings. Which simply make Earth avionics more advanced.... And Just reduce the time of aircraft building by 50%.

4. And something else if the developers will desire. I have ideas and can share if it is interesting.


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That's a cool idea, I like it.

I haven't really learned anything about the final mission in the game, but going into space and assaulting a UFO, like the mothership or something, might be the final mission. Might not, I dunno.

At any rate, I like the idea, it sounds awesome. :)

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Yes, I read the thread, thanks for link. My modest opinion is following. At my point of view the idea written here is thought out in details from how to what for and with all realism details that I imagined. May be it is easier for me, just because that boarding assault of UFO was written by me in novel 2085.

While in that year Humans used big spaceship fighting base as their main base (the carrier 'Spirit of Thunder') each operative was fighting on their own flying fighting machine 'Twister' (something like bikes in XCOM 3 and vehicles in movie 'Captain Power'). So they could more or less effectively track UFOs over planet Faiory and one had been assaulted in the air.

Well in 1979 it could be more difficult but not impossible. As the space program had such achievements as orbital flight and Moon landing I don't see it absolutely impossible to make that boarding touch of UFO if it has locked course.

It could be added and modified by authors of game as they wish. Since desired and written in 2002 the idea didn't get much changes through all UFO like games passed later.

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