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Game crash on mission complete

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Game crashes after a mission on the winter map. Only detail different from other missions I've done so far is the use of stun grenades during the mission. If you know a free uploading service I can post a save file. Going to try and kill the aliens instead of stunning them and see if that has any effect next.

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For future reference, when you next submit a bug report please put the version number and the bug location in the thread title. This is to reduce confusion (as there's two builds out right now, v18 Stable and v19 Experimental, although all v19 Experimental bugs should be reported in the subforum specifically for those) and to increase uniformity.

For example:

"[v19 Experimental / Ground Combat] Game crash on mission complete"

(or change to "v18 Stable" if it's that version; you didn't specify in the text of the report. Either way, you get the idea. ;))


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