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It may justbe down to coincidence but it seems to me that the suposedly better predator power armor offers no more protection than wolfarmor, i was doing a terror mission and testing the predator suit and the soldier wearing it (she was a colonel) died from 2 plasma rifle shots (whick im my experience even troops in wolf armor have been able to withstand.... this coupled to with the armors limitations makes it completely redundant when you get the sentenel armor (i use power armor for my elite 'spartan team' and wilf and buzzard for my regulars) it seems that the predator armor needs to be made stronger (i know that it could have been pure luck that she was killed but even if the weak points were hit i would expect it to survive a couple of long range plasma shots with full health)

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The ground combat balance stage is still ongoing.

Aaron has said that the first of the new balance patches will be coming along shortly and will be available on steam for those who opt in to the testing builds.

I don't know if you can opt in yet or if you have to wait for the first release though.

Hopefully the armour resists will be worked on alongside the weapon balance.

Not certain if the higher tier stuff is going to be in the first patch either so have to keep an eye on it.

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Predator does have way more protection over Wolf, and some more than sentinel. But Alien weapons are still too powerful. Predator absorbs 100% of a plasma pistol, but anything else surpasses it. I dont know if "armour damage" is in the game, that would explain why predator could not help much beyond the first hit.

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Armour is supposed to get steadily damaged by every hit.

It was put forward as a way to make early gear useful for longer.

Even if you can barely hurt the enemy you will wear him down.

Not sure if it is working fully though, it isn't the most obvious mechanic to watch out for.

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