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Soldier related issues

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Hi I'm new to xenonaughts so some of these issues could just be ignorance:

1. I cant find the option to train soldiers anywhere. Is it yet to be made or am I missing it?

2. I completed a ground mission but I got no alien tech from the ship? Are they not always there or do i have to tell them to pick it up?

3. There is one empty square in my chinook but I cant put another soldier on? Why?

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As for the alien tech, the victory screen should mention something about sending a 'plasma pistol to research' on the right side.

You can research it after the mission from the research screen, but alien weapons (except clips) and corpses are auto-sold on mission completion and the captured pistol never shows up on the stores screen.

As far as I remember, you can research plasma rifle right after finishing pistol as well, even though its never mentioned that one is kept.

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