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Button mouse over descriptions and first play side notes

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So this may be in progress or mentioned before but I did not find a post on it by searching so:

I was playing a bit after buying the per-order and I realized all the buttons are pictures and I don't know what they do. So I though I would mouse over and it would tell me like most games... and I was wrong and still a bit lost. any chance that will be added later?

---Side notes

I just downloaded from steam and played the first time yesterday so with fresh eyes and as someone with no prior play in the game I noticed some other things.

- Changing the Equipment on ships is not very intuitive for a first time player, did not figure it out in the 10 mins I had to play

- Ordering equipment is not very intuitive for a first time player, did not figure it out in the 10 mins I had to play

- Ordering personnel is not very intuitive for a first time player, I did not realize at first that the number was the number I had and I was adding to it to order more. I did eventually order 5 more soldiers so I got there.

- Building bases structures is not very intuitive for a first time player, I built a few buildings but 1 it did not high light the build square and the original X-com even did that, 2 the shapes of the buildings and locations of the starting base structures is annoying and hard to build from, 3 I was hovering over structures to see what they were and it was very glitch and showed some building and not others as well as I had to point one square high so it was really only 2 square vertical structures and square only structures that worked. If they were horizontal I could not see what they were.

I know the original X-com kinda through you out there with no guidance and I figured it all out, however while I am not asking for a tutorial a little more intuitive menus would be better. In fact I found the original game fairly intutiace and did not have much issue ordering gear, order personnel, equipping craft or building bases. Your screens look great but the original UI layout and function may be a little better for beginning players, though I imagine it has more functionality for veteran players to Xenonauts who have had more time to figure it all out.

Due to the long load time and well wife aggro, I did not get to actually play a combat mission I will post again if I see anything that strikes me on first play there when I get a chance. (I did see the message about final project having faster mission loads. So no complaint there I know your working on it.)

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Remember that the current UI is placeholder and the new one is due in the next couple of updates.

When it is replaced maybe some of those issues will be resolved.

If not then more feedback is always useful.

Be interesting to hear about your first ground mission as well.

The mechanics can be a little less than obvious.

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So I played some more today. 2 day missions and 1 one night.

I now think the confusion with ship load outs is that I only have one option so I thought it was just showing me what I have equipped, I imagine when I have more options it will be a list and then I can choose

I think I can not order equipment because I have infinite of all base weapons and will manufacture new stuff not order it

got ordering personnel down

base construction is still a little annoying but I destroyed the 4th hanger and now have room to build vertical rooms

New notes:

1. I figured the left click aim thing first fight by accident but did not realize till the 3 fight that I should shoot twice if I can get over 50 present and do so. Saw aliens doing it first.

2. Had 3 missions and they are all on the same map as well as the aliens are always in the same spots... a bit repetitive.

3. Night missions are as awesome and chilling as the original X-com. lost 1 guy on the first day time mission because he blew himself up with the rocket launcher and then my own guy shot him by accident, second day time mission no losses, first night time mission lost 4.... nice. playing on veteran iron-man for the first play through so that should make things interesting.

---added note

figure out med kit 3rd mission

found out how to send squadrons as groups from the forums

Most important when the mission loaded I did not realize it was done and I needed to click the screen to start, found out by accident, that's why I did not do a mission the first time because I left and folded laundry while i waited and when I came back I thought it was still loading... dumb I know but the "its going to take a long time to load" loading screen through me off. So I was kinda expecting that. It only took about 3 seconds once I knew I should click the screen.

any way that was about 1 hour total play time and I am golden now, just wanted to give you the noob prospective before it became second nature and I wondered how anyone could ever be confuse.

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Ah the missing piece of the puzzle, thanks for that bit of information!! I tried the arrow keys thinking that would make sense but no joy. Might help if it always showed the silhouette, for me it only showed it when it was in the right place so I would not known if I had turned it.

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You can rotate rooms before building with the scrollwheel.

I was also wondering how that worked.

So far, I've paid attention to the layout of my bases in order to make sure I can build the rooms with the preset orientation.

Obviously I couldn't have found out just by trying, since my input device (it's a really great trackball, and no, a mouse is not an option for me) doesn't have a scroll wheel.

Or is there an alternative way to rotate the rooms?

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