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Grid on Geoscape

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Ya, it's cliche and pointless... but I think a semi-transparent grid on the (new) geoscape might help it look more 'big tactical war room display', and not so painterly as some people (who prefered the older one) have pointed out.

I do like the old one (although am not violently opposed to the new one!), in that I like the more 'display' look of it. I think the new design has its benefits, and I would like it better if the water were a bit darker (as some have also requested), and it would get a bit more of a 'display' treatment to it... a grid, raster lines, a bit of vector outline action on the coastlines or something.

Though in keeping with the tone of the rest of the artwork, I do also prefer how the original geoscape implied a 'darkened room' kind of vibe, which added to the atmosphere. I think all this could still be done with the new design with a few tweeks.

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Yeah thats known as a "dot matrix" effect, some google pic examples ;


I said in the UI thread myself that I think this is a great look to the geoscape. As you said it makes it feel like a tactical overlay screen in a commmand bunker somewhere. Its a really nice look and I hope its kept or at least made optional with the new UI.

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