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[Steam Version] Load game crash

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(First of all i'm sorry for my english)

I'm playing Xenonauts on Steam and, apparently randomly when I try to load a previous save it crash to windows.

no matter if the save is on battleground, geoscape, a quicksave or a manual save, on something like 50% of them the game crash

(I still have the savefile if necessary)

as I said, sorry for my english I hope that you could understand


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Hi there!

I encountered the same problem. The crashes begin in one specific time, all the saves after it just keeps crashing. I am posting a link to one such save. It is also from steam version. (just press the "stáhnout" button, sorry it is in czech) http://uloz.to/xYJfaDqP/2013-06-07-17-31-44-rar

Edit: Homewer the game as such is awesome, best X-com remake I know (nothink against Firaxis :) )!

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I have one last question, if you remember. Did you overwrite the older save file? It is a known issue, that overwriting older save files makes the game crash. Sorry about all the questions, but the coders have a lot to do, and I don't want them give more and more job if we can avoid it.

(please note that the save game crashed, so if you don't remember i'll report it anyway)

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