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Idea: Particicipation of Players-Make your own items and get them implemented

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Sorry i was not sure where to Post it because it aint a Suggestion for the game.

I am pretty sure that there are tons ot talented players who love Xenonauts, i have just started playing it an I love it. Its better than the new XCom and really good, as some ppl pointed out it lacks of the WOW effect, which aint a big deal, BUT this can be changed quite easily.

There are tons of talented players who are able to design ingame items and are willing to do it for free i am pretty sure.

How about starting a thread where people can post their items and objects for the game to enrich the battlefields with more diffrent models of things, soldiers, and other things based on a set of rules the developpers give out so the items suit the graphic style applied to the game.

If i had the talent i d do it but i am horrible at animating or drawing

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