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Check out this Free-to-Play FPS [Blacklight Retribution]


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Hello community!

If you need something to take of the edge and desperately need to shoot at someone, until the full release of Xenonauts... check out Blacklight Retribution!!

It's a very nice First Person Shooter with some great ideas in place (has a built-in wallhack, so no more camping!!!). Absolutely worth a shot! (literally!)


And if you are in a helping mood, follow my Referral Link so I can get some extra goodies from the game!!


If you don't want to click on links from random strangers and just want to check out the game, no hard feelings.... just visit their homepage


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Tried it last year. Pretty fun, but the menu UI is utter balls.

The main screen is kind of overwhelming, sure, with all those scrolling news on the bottom and item micromanagement...but if you get the hang of it, I think you actually get used to it at the end. :)

In-game, I think the UI is quite decent, like all the others FPSs out there...with the interesting addition of the HRV (legal wall-hack!!)...

Plus, it has so many different game types, practically no wait time and lag issues (so far for me...), all of which actually add up to a favorable decision on my part! :D:P

Still, this is my very personal and very biased opinion! ;)

I love this game, it's so damn addicting! Part of it might be attributed to the fact that I constantly get first place :D

I am addicted, because I always get 4th place!!! can't seem to be able to push through the higher ranks!!!! :mad::mad:

But I am still trying!!!! :)

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