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Projectiles images replacement test


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Hi, I have been working on some replacements and would like to get some feedback if it looks good. Special mention is all alien plasma shots wich use a new glow effect I think looks cool but maybe be a bit overdone, any comment on it is welcome.

New update to v0.82 - Works with V19 Stable



-Update to work with v19 Stable candidate 1


-Hotfix for me being dumb and messing X/Y positions.


-New tank laser shot replaced.

-Tank plasma was missing in 19.7, now added. Requires to use vehicleweapons_gc.xml provided in the mod.

-Minor tweaks to laser shot.

-All MAG shots still pending.

** If you wish to use with older game versions just dont copy vehicleweapons_gc.xml **

***Compatibility with other mods ***

If you want to use the new tank plasma cannon, any mod that edits "vehicleweapons_gc.xml" is incompatible as this mod will revert tank weapons to vanilla or the other mod will undo the new shot image. Mods that rebalances weapons will surely edit it.

To merge this mod with other mod, just follow simple steps:

1-Install the desired mod/mods you want to use.

2-Install my Test Shots mod but Dont install the file "vehicleweapons_gc.xml"

3-Open "vehicleweapons_gc.xml" with notepad or whatever you like and look for the following entry:

<Weapon name="VV.PLASMABOLT" bulletType="rocket" emptySound="audio/sfx/emptygun.ogg">

<props range="20" clipSize="10" />

<SingleShot sound="Vehicle Weapon Plasma Single" delay="1" suppressionValue="80" suppressionRadius="4" disableDamageScaling="1">

<Set1 ap="20" accuracy="40" />

<Set2 ap="40" accuracy="90" />


<GUIImage name="weapons/vehicle/plasma.png"/>

<GroundImage name="grounditemimages/assault_rifle.png"/>


<Ammo name="default" type="incendiary" damage="160" mitigation="0" isOverdamage="1">

<Projectile spectre="projectiles/alienplasma/alienplasma" speed="1600"/>

<Impact spectre="particles/plasmaexplosion/plasmaexplosion" radius="3" sound="Weapon Plasma Grenade" smokeChance="30" gasType="GrenadeFragSmoke" />




4-Replace the highlighted line above with spectre="projectiles/heavyplasma/heavyplasma"

5-Save and you are ready to go.

Backup folder have original files for uninstall.

Please dont just open the images in Windows viewer or whatever, in-game it looks different specially with the glow.

Thanks in advance.

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You can simply download his file and look at the effects through opening the files. I like them, but i dont like the plasma bolts in OG, but i have to see yours ingame! Good work anyways!

But i think you also need impact effects to go with them? Right?

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Tried it out, and they look freaking amazing. Trying to get a screenshot.

Though, the projectile for the plasma pistols is HUGE.

EDIT: So is the ballistic, and it just didn't look right for me so I reverted it.

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I agree with Sathra, both on the quality of the projectiles and on how massive they are. So I tried reducing the plasma bolt to 50% size and tried it out, and I think it looks better. Here's a couple of pics so you can judge for yourself.


I certainly wasn't going to revert to the original without a fight. Lightgemini doesn't lie, you need to see it in-game for the full impact, the effect is really pretty!

Edit: It would help if I used the right picture, huh. Also, I think 30% was too small, 50% works better.

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HI. New update for test shots here.


changelog or something close to it:

-all images resized to be very close to original, only slighty larger. Will not be very noticeable.

- removed laser shot. Will come back when it fits better.

-tweaked "halo glow" on all images. Ballistic bullet gained a very dim but noticeable glow. Not really overdone, just a bit.

-Alien laser image is now freaking awesome. Less than awesome is finding its not used at all in the game #sigh#

-All shots placement relative to unit shooting improved. May need a little finer adjustements and will be perfect

-plasma shot will stay with Green glow versión. Original do have green in the core.

Next update will feature:

-Laser shots. (no idea what to do on this right now)

-MAG shots (even less idea how would look cool, and dont want to clone the ballistic versión)

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I love the new changes. Alien fire was so massive before, and now it looks wonderful (already loved it), and bullets look great. Heavy Plasma bursts look so good!

Part of me says that bullets shouldn't actually glow, but the rest of me says "shut up! Its awesome!"

Looking forward to new laser images, since they're really big at the moment. Maybe a slightly longer, red ballistic bullet?

Oh, and alienlaser is used by human plasma weapons, so there's that!

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New small update: Laser shots have been added.

It features a nice red glow I like, but if opinions are against it being so "flare" like it can easily be reduced.

MAG shots are still pending. I think it will not get any "halo glow" effet since its supposed to neither be tracers or energy. Im thinking addidng some kind of vapour trails to the projectile if this helps with the feeling of uber speed.

Been thinking on animating the trail in a way that it will grow out of the back of the bullet and become larger and larger then dim away.

If the animation frame rate can be matched with the speed of the bullet, then it may give the impression the trail is not "moving" and being static while the bullet flies away, instead of being some sort of "tail" that flies atached to the back of the bullet. I have no idea if it can be done but would surely look so cool.

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This mainly covers the new tank based guns introduced in beta 19.7. It also adds custom (well just modified a bit) heavy plasma for tanks that is missing in the beta. MAG shots still not replaced though.

Download link updated in first post. I didnt have time to test if its all ok but it should be. If anything is wrong please post here and I will get it fixed.

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