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[V18.5 - Ground Combat] occasional CTD upon winning a battle

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There are a couple of issue reported about this, maybe it will be fixed in the following build.


Do you have a combat shield equipped? Did the last alien died in a fire or killed by a civilian?


Did you end your turn while your soldier was performing an action?

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Adding this here as well, CTD after the Mission Status Screens, and Updated soldier stat screens. This seems to happen occasionally on a Save Load, (even when loaded from an autosave) and also when the AI turn has the last alien passout from the stun grenade. Don't know if it helps or not.

Confirmed - Repeatable, When using Stun Grenade, Last Alien Passes out from stun grenade. End Mission screens show, and I hear the "Bing" for the geoscape and then ctd.

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