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Little Mod V3


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Its that time again. Few differences, but I'll try to make a more complete changelog


-Grenades range reduced to 15

-Flashbang suppression increased to 200

-The various weapon changes from the previous mods (With some differences, mostly increased accuracy for the later sniper rifles and reductions to the rifles). So laser is more accurate, both in singleshot and burst but has poor AP (Making stage 2 and 3 aliens more threatening). Plasma is powerful but inaccurate and MAG has hefty TU costs but has the highest AP values. Ballistic is the cheapest to fire TU-wise and otherwise unchanged (its weak already).

-Carbines now fire 4 shots per burst.

-Laser rifles and carbines increased to 16 per clip. Scatter laser increased to 20 per clip. Plasma rifles and carbines increased to 12 per clip. Machinegun reduced to 30 per box.

-Smoke grenade and rocket smoke has increased accuracy loss (40 and 30 respectively)

-Alien weapons had their reaction modifier brought more in line to human levels. And a 10 point reduction in accuracy.

-Rocket launcher and Plasma cannon now take more TU's to fire. Plasma cannon is 1/3 more inaccurate.

-Frag Rocket stun reduced to 30.

-Stun rocket stun increased to 70. Smoke chance increased to 70.

-Vehicle weapons changed along the same lines as the other later tiers.

-Pulse laser now has 20 ammo, Plasma Bolt has 14. (Be warned, vehicles weapons already had overdamage)

-Alien weapons are worth $5k more each.

-Alien numbers in the first 4 ships are now (more) random (generally increased if the roll is good), as are bases. Roughly 5-8 in Light Scout for example.

-Plasma Missiles should kill Heavy Fighters with 2 hits.

-Plasma Weaponry should unlock Plasma Weaponry instead of Plasma Cannon (Not actually sure why or what it normally did, but its the only thing that did this).

-Laser Weaponry research now requires Alloys and Alenium.

-Wolf research now requires Jackal.

-Battle Rifle should unlock Battle Rifle Xenopedia article (its empty)

-Battle Rifle and Scimitar research should not have #### anymore.

-Reaper Alphas should be listed as Alphas when captured.

-Tier 2+ weapons cost Alenium to manufacture as well.

-Strength gain rate halved

Link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vidaliq3meqbki/Sathra%27s%20Mod%20V3.zip

Edited by Sathra
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Hmm does the lack of feedback mean the mod is perfect? Or that very few use it :P.

Feedback on mods everywhere in my experience is very minimalistic. Visual mods seems to accumulate more comments then all other things.

As for your mod itself - it sound very interesting, all that balancing changes, but i admit, i haven't tried it yet, just don't have much time for Xenonauts lately *sigh*.

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Aaron's first balance mod should be arriving shortly. Maybe I'll prod him into having a look at this once it's out. Some of the changes will be superseded by his own, but some of the others look quite interesting.

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Playing around with the newest version of the mod (that I won't upload till the alien sight range stuff is fixed).


I panicked a little, since all I had in the area were 2 carbines, a pistol and a rocket launcher loaded with frag. Only the guy with the shield died (after blocking/absorbing 4 plasma rifle shots), mostly since one of the drones left an indestructible hitbox after it died that blocked shots to the last Andron.

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And another. Landed Sebillian Corvette on a farm, at night with a mostly rookie team (kitted with wolf/buzzard and lasers though). A couple civilian zombies came to greet the team during the early turns, along with their parents. They were met with volleys of carbine, sniper and scatter laser fire. And some alenium rockets to the face.

Then the team split up with 2/3 of the squad (2 riflemen, an assault and the MG and shielder) going through the north, after playing with a Sebillian Guard for 3 turns while trying to leave the LZ. A couple smoke grenades, an alenium grenade and a risky maneuver that resulted in some painful injuries finally dropped it.

Team 2 (assault, rocket and sniper) carefully advanced while under fire from another Guard, finally getting it in sight smacking it in the face with the last rocket. They took fire from another distant Sebillian and made use of cover to get close enough to spot and gun down with sniper fire (and a grenade).

The sweeps from both teams met at the ship, and fought off 2 Guards that ran out when they came in sight. Then 2 non-coms that wounded more soldiers.

Then more Guards, who gunned down the Shielder when her shield broke after absorbing nearly half a dozen plasma rifle shots (I increased the resilience of the shields).

The last two were holed up in the rear of the ship behind some alien screens, but were suppressed with flashbangs and alenium grenades (which also blew up a Power Source by accident), then had their cover shredded in sprays of laser carbine, laser rifle and scatter laser fire.

The last alien was gunned down by the Rocketeer, who had liberated a Heavy Plasma rifle from the second alien his fireteam had killed.

Good fun all round, with an exciting start with all those Reapers coming to say hello.

Edited by Sathra
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First alien base!


Much glorious save-scumming (battle rifles are nasty as heck, and aliens kept shooting down doors and through walls) but it was done. Used maybe 30+ grenades (stun, smoke and plasma).

Didn't get comm array tech though, possibly due to the save-scumming. Still, now I can research up to t4!

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