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original X-COM EU concept art by J. Gollop


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thanks Razziel. I saw that from his presentation and pinched it from a related article. Obviously, I was muttering "my preciousssss" as I totally neglected to share it :)

oh, don't think I had the third page.....oooooohhhhh

Just think of the way the game might have played with some different aliens. It would seem that the secotid storyline was pretty much in place, and the other aliens were fillers. Gollop said that the Chryssalid/ Zombie connection was due to them standing next to each other in the concept art.

Cyborgs and alien face huggers and alien cheetah women!

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oh man, oh man, so much feelings..

Well, cutting off is the essential part of any project, so i don't think X-Com will be much better with all these...but...well.. dual wielding dr. Zoidberg is ok, i guess?

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Was there a naked woman in the concept art or was just some stray browsing... oh that one. I thought it was more Thundercats than starkers. Maybe that's why thundercats was popular though...

- Aliens

- Alien Egg

- Yep, I thought Lobo too

- Golem

- Mars Attack cards

- Doctor Who five doctors thingy of Rasilon

- Monty Python bunny

- silicon rock thingy from star trek

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big trek fans :)

there's probably lost concept art with tribbles in it. Much more threatening than the Silacoid was.

Although in, my mind a base attack with Silacoids would be able to start much the same way as the Xenonauts ones, do. In that they can come from anywhere. I always saw the silacoids as mining creatures for the aliens.

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