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DM_Mod V1 for Build V18.3.1 (Ranks, Role decals, Medal ribbons)

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The roles look nice, but I'd use the coloring differently / make them more distinctive. Commando should be closer to rifles than heavy weapons.

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Looks good to me. Comments:

1. Sniper insignia might be better with scopes rather than flintlocks. Above the rifles, British format seems to be for an S rather than the skull. US format is varied, but skull seems relative common recently. Israel, Russia & France use a scope sight.


2. Commando insignia. Single dagger seems fairly standard and a good metaphor for the up close aspect. As mentioned below, crossed hand grenades often feature in Germanic WW1/2 insignia for storm troops (which is partially what a Xenonaut commando is), but they used the stick grenades.

3. Rifleman is a hard one to pin down (given the cross-over with snipers), so your crossed rifles is as good as any and there is a US patch that supports it.

4. Heavy weapons is a tough one too. UK Royal Marines is HW & leaves.

5. Assault troops. German/A-H ones often have hand grenades, but that role is taken by Commandos in this game. Skulls feature as well, so I think you have the right idea.

Using a skull for Sniper and Assault isn't consistent; personally I'd probably go for Rifleman and Sniper both being (unscoped) crossed rifles, with the star above the rifleman and a scope or "S" above the sniper.

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