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UFO: Alien Invasion


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They MAKE you connect your freaking youtube account to a google plus account. If that's not bad enough, you can't even easily change your information because you have to go to your google plus and you have to go through all the pop-ups saying YOU SHOULD JOIN SOME CIRCLES instead of just letting me change my profile picture or name or whatever. I wanted my name to just be MLGertzert, but no, google plus makes you have to have a first and a last name, so unless I want my name to be ML Gertzert or something stupid like that, I NEED TO PUT SOMETHING RANDOM IN FRONT OF THE-

What's that?

Calm down?

Alright, fine.


Edit: WTF? It changed me title to UFO: Alien Invasion... woo tamans?



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wrong title
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And here I was expecting something about the actual game. Maybe it was an ortnok having a go at being literate?

All this social media is getting rather tedious anyway. Connect that to this, and while you're at it link in the third one as well. Oh, did we mention that a user friendly interface went out the window?

Why go on Facebook or Google+ when I can just come here and have much better conversation (and watch thothkins' latest escapade)?

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Yay! Spider-Man!

But wait! Spider-man in some kinda spaceship?

A UFO! Spidey's a shape changing Skrull alien invader! Get Him!

Meanwhile... returning to earth in a captured UFO that's going to Reed Richards for research, Peter Parker's Spidey Sense starts tingling.

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common sense questions...

Does Deadpool (I think that's the character in the poster post above) have a nose?

If he does, and it's flat where his nose should be, how does he breathe (especially when doing crime fighting thingies)

How does he eat?

How do those white eye slits work? Can he see?

How does the mask even come off?

Looking at the redness, I'm reminded of the insane Muton commander in the original '90s X-Com. That had silly Image style art too.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Didn't they set them to heal like 5HP or something, with a main focus on stopping bleeding?

Rocketeers? Pfah, grenadiers with plasma 'nades is all there is to it! Seriously, my rocketeers always end up being more dangerous for my own people than the aliens. Never trust a racoon with explosives, seems to be the moral of the story here.

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I dunno. I'd send people to missions injured then heal them up there. Much faster than letting them heal naturally. It'd heal about ~10-20% per action.

Didn't play long enough to get a good stock of plasma grenades (or plasma GL grenades). I mostly brought rocketeers along for sniping. They're pretty underwhelming most of the time, but you can carry a stupendous amount of rockets, and haven't seen anything survive a direct hit.

Gave up playing anyways, it just wasn't satisfying :(.

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