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New Lets Play Xenonauts

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Unlimited shots would be pushing it. Hopefully the only things that will end up with full auto ability will be SAW and minigun varients with submachine guns being another possible, but possibly just high burst limits.

Reactions? Your minigunner should absolutely be able to take reaction fire anytime between the spin up cycle of his gun and his final shot.

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I played the alpha that came out with the kickstarter a while ago, and I enjoyed it, but wanted to know a few things before I buy it.

1) Has any decent AI been put in yet? The alpha was very barebones with the aliens doing very little other than shooting at things that came into view.

2) How many missions are there in the game so far? Is it still only a few that repeat a lot?

3) Has the dogfighting element been changed and/or do you have the ability to skip it? This was my biggest gripe with the alpha, because, even though it looked very slick it was extremely repetitive. I'd rather be able to skip that portion entirely and only play the ground battles.

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You are still playing v18 with Sathra mod right ?


1)AI in most recent version (19 stable RC3 or 19 Stable hotfix) is very decent now,huge improvement upon V18 and earlier alpha versions.It still has flaws and that can be used to abuse AI,but it can't shoot anymore like from ,,20" miles before you even see him or it doesn't have TU for bursting,shooting and running ,,one mile" in the same turn,now that's much more polished and enjoyable.Also i said AI is decent,but i should say pretty good,because it now use cover,retreat when he sees that he is outnumbered or outgunned,its more aggressive now also,in general its much more smarter than it was before.

2)I think they added few maps from Community review pack,but yea maps still repeat it self.Although you can always go with Community map pack and Ol'Stinky terrible maps to add more variety (around or more 100 maps but small maps like farms will still repeat very often)

3)There is auto resolve now its good,but not perfect.

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