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Has anyone played Eye: Divine Cybermancy?


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How does one begin to describe it.. imagine a sequel to Deus ex (first person shooter with RPG character development elements), except the mechanics and aesthethics are more akin to Ghost in the Shell mixed with Warhammer 40k mixed with Serious Sam, and in addition it borrows (read: steals unabashedly) from every other sci-fi and punk setting imaginable from Doom to Alien to Blade Runner.

Gameplay is.. interesting. The game sports a ludicrous amount of researchable weapons, armor classes, psychic powers and hacking and allows you to experiment with these on respawning waves of enemies. However the setting is disjointed as hell, the story incomprehensible, everyone speaks in gibberish - both in the literal sense in that they went with a nonsense language in lieu of full voiceacting, and in that the localisation and quality of writing makes all characters read like frustrated 15-year olds with attention deficit disorder. Also, most of the levels and enemies are obviously drawn from separate mod projects and the animators' backlogs.

So yeah, it's a bag of everything. I wouldn't necessarily call it a good game, but you definetly want to try it at least once. If only because it lets you play around with swords that explode people and handguns that can down attack gunships.

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It's one of those games where the ambition far exceeded the developers' capabilities, but that's by no means a bad thing. The story's a bit tricky to understand (in English, anyways; may be a translation thing. Probably makes more sense in French), but it nails a kind of cyberpunk-meets-40k type atmosphere. Despite the game's age, the developers are still working on adding more content to the game slowly but surely. In fact, I believe a big update is coming out today.

...you haven't played it? Kindly go forth and rectify that mistake, good sir! I believe there's a demo out that you can try. Perchance there may be a sale to accompany today/tomorrow's PvP update.

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