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[18.2 - Battlescape] - CTD from alien shooting from within landed Landing Ship

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South Africa

Desert Map

Landing Ship had landed.

Around 3 turns into the mission, the aliens start firing from within the ship.

Not unusual for this to happen.

However CTD occurred, with a black screen that took a system reboot to get out of. This hasn't happened in any other build for me.

Most up to date save game attached. Hopefully just before mission start.


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I've had crashes in Landing ships too. Only saw the aliens do something to cause it to happen once. A non-com fired a plasma pistol shot into the Reactor it was hiding behind. Pain hiss then crash.

I'm guessing its something to do with being within the blast range of the Reactor when it goes up.

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Yeah... This is fixed in the dev build. Aliens could target trough props but walls and other stuff blocked the projectile ofc. Most of the time they exploded themselfs, and crashed the game with the smoke.

The easiest way to describe this situation: "shit hits the fan"

An bug causing a crash trough an other bug. Hell yeah!

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