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1. Flares should be able to be picked up again once thrown (I think this is planned).

2. Flares need there own animation (i.e not a grenade).

3. Flares should hiss and give out 1 tile of the wispy grey/white smoke (the type of smoke caused by plasma hitting the ground). They are abit lack-lustre at present. A groovy new hissing sound effect would add to the ambience in night missions - breaking the silence between screams!

4. Each soldier should have 3 flares, 2 flares isn't quite enough (though this might be intentional so as to make them more valuable).

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1. Yeah.

2. Why? What would be different?

3. I'd buy that. Night missions already have that awesome music going for them.

4. Eh, sure, if we can't pick them up.

I'd add to this list that it would be nice if they lit up immediately rather than waiting until the next action.

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Sorry yeh I meant the projectile. It should be relatively painless to mod In I would imagine if the dev team don't get round to it.

On 4) I was thinking that the flares would burn out after about 3 turns. Is it my imagination or don't they already disappear after about 3 turns presently?

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