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Build V18 Missing Text Strings (#####)

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The game has to load most text strings from strings.xml - if something does not have a corresponding entry in this file, its name will instead be displayed as #####.

If you see these characters anywhere in the game, please report it here so we can fix up the missing strings.

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Generally when you finish researching it, the Xenopedia pop-up will have a title when it is completed that will tell you what it is. If it doesn't, then it makes things a bit difficult and you'll just have to describe what triggered it.

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All research projects will show that for the description, that's a known issue as I've not written them yet. There won't be any manufacturing descriptions in the final game (no space for them in the new UI) so disregard them.

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I've found this in two cases I don't think you (yet) know about.

In the first case I got it when I moved some soldiers to another base.

In the second case I got the missing string when I had previously saved a role load out, which consisted of some of the first med packs you get. I later then got the updated/advanced ones. When I equipped the soldier with the default load out, the game probably tried to equip the outdated med packs (which I didn't have because of getting the advanced packs), and I got a string message. As a quick notice, the soldier didn't end up with any of the med packs equipped.

So maybe as a suggestion, the default load outs could update automatically whenever you get an updated med pack (as long as the weight, etc, is the same)?

EDIT: Typos.

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Lets see if I can remember...


-The popup that tells you there isn't enough of an item for a role loadout (mostly grenades and medikits)

-Some mysterious extraterrestrials tech that I think comes after Alien Biology. (No Xenopedia description)

That's all for now.

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Alien plasma canon show #### for project title.

(And by the way, in xenopedia, is show in Xenonaut aircraft sections)

Edit :

Missiles launched by heavyfighter are named #### too.

Edit2 :

Corsair's powerplant are named ####

Edited by Nalca
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just going to post about the training one, as I hadn't seen it before.


Since I'm in the process of translating the game to German I knew where to look for the strings for this one. Seems like the strings that were there in V17.91 in the strings.xml accidentially got deleted in the V18 strings.xml, which is why it is defaulting to the ####. I did a reinsert of the missing strings from the 17.91 file and it worked again.

 <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0">   <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">PER.TrainingDesc</Data></Cell>   <Cell ss:StyleID="s86"><Data ss:Type="String">Basic Training will familiarise new recruits with Xenonaut equipment and battlefield doctrine in a safe environment. On completion of this course, a recruit will be promoted to Corporal and will receive the same small skill boost as if he had earned promotion on the battlefield. This course will last ten days and the soldier will be unavailable for deployment during this period.</Data></Cell>  </Row>  <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0">   <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">PER.TrainingName</Data></Cell>   <Cell ss:StyleID="s86"><Data ss:Type="String">Basic Training</Data></Cell>  </Row>

Those are the two missing strings. If you want to correct this issue yourself, open you strings.xml with a Text editor (Vim, Notepad, etc.), have it search for PER.TRAINING and just copy and paste the above strings after </Row>. Save, start your game and you'll have the basic training text back again.

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