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names tony (duuh)

28 years old and i didnt see a welcome zone anywhere so i posted this here

i just want to say say keep up the good work and if any help is needed let me know

im a big fan of xcom and i have a copy on a lot of systems amiga1200 (known as UFO enemy unknown) ps1 pc (on steam) ps3 remake

i also have a copy of UFO:AI witch is semi decent in my opinion

but i also have grat expectations from this and i look forward to playing it (i have pre ordered)

what i was wondering was is it ok for me to create an english group (i didnt see one)

best regards and good luck ...tony

EDIT i just noticed a welcome topic and feel like a fool ...can an admin merge this with that please lol

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It could have been worse. You could have trotted off to retrieve the link for the introduction thread, without reading the last line of someone's post.

http://www.goldhawkinteractive.' rel="external nofollow">com/forums/showthread.php/18-Introduction-thread!?highlight=introduction'>Ta da!


And Hi!

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I'd like to think that today's Pandora's Boxes would be resealable, to keep your bad things fresher in the fridge for longer.

Looking at the news this morning (or any morning), I think that little refill packs are probably available too. Ironically refill packs are better for the environment than the old Pandora jars that let out the bad things. :)

Is there a story of an alien invasion where the invaders find themselves so revolted by the world's inhabitants that they pack their toys and go home.

Sebillian Commander: Well,we were going to absorb you into the Empire of Green Scaly Things. But you're appalling, so we're either going to have to quarantine your planet or wipe you out instead. We'll get back to you.

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