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Feature request..Let me keep my loot

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The way technology is handled in this game is to try and make humans more than peons who can't do anything except ape their betters.

Although aping is something humanity should be better at than the aliens....

.... >cough<

... because of evolution


... shuffles off into comedy graveyard

It's a thought, but the alien weaponry doesn't look terribly dissimilar to the human versions. That Xenonauts can pick one up and use it (albeit clumsily) shows that. Crimson Dagger has another couple of examples. Humanity isn't really having to do much reinventing there. They already look exactly like guns.

I'm wondering if a late game Xenonauts couldn't be able to pick up an alien weapon and use it far more easily, as they'd have the strength and APs to compensate. It's just by that point humans will have more streamlined versions of that weaponry.

I'm not a big fan of the aliens technology standing still. In a short space of time humans are able to break down, research, duplicate and improve on alien technologies. The aliens do ... nothing. They work on converting their ships... and that's it at present. Keeping the juicy psionics out of human paws goes some way to helping. But it would have been nice to have the aliens use something that humans simply won't be able to touch. It would be a nice push to get to that final mission, more than simply strength of UFO numbers.

In case you find yourself in the unlikely situation where all your ammo is spent

Presumably this is something that may be balanced out later, but as you point out, there's only the tiniest chance you're going to end up out of ammo at present. By the time the larger ships come along with more crew, your tech will have moved on too. Crucially, your troopers will have more strength to carry even more ammo.

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I use alien plasma pistols and rifles at point blank as breaching charges to punch through walls quickly and let my second squad flank the aliens cover or pass through a wall to avoid open arias or doorways... Would be nice if I could keep my picked up plasma pistols for my shield solders to use as breaching tools and heavy point blank firepower.

The rifles are also nice for Assault troops early on to replace shotguns.


But this game does not consider the creative ways people could utilize the tools presented.

I see it as a wasted opportunity.

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