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Update process less than optimal

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To be honest, at first I wanted to use some other adjective than "less than optimal", but then I thought that I would probably be scolded if I started to swear.

Anyway, using the Desura updater is painful (at least for me).

First it takes 45 minutes or so to verify the files, before the actual download starts.

Then the download stops after 25%-50% with some "connection lost" error message.

Which leads Desura back to checking the files (45 minutes again) and starting the download again.

And after ~3 hours this had happened three times and I gave up in despair


I well aware that this might not be Xenonauts fault in any way, after all it is the Desura updater, but since this is my only game on Desura, I elected to place my rant on this forum. Lucky goldhawkinteractive!

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Hi Buckermann and welcome to the forums!

Many of us know exactly how you feel. Trying to figure out if there is an update on it, trying to verify files, trying to download said files either as an update or as a full download.

Trying the different download options presented in the faint hope one is better than the other. Oh and the seemingly endless time between announcing an update and one actually being available.

Most of these issues seem to be simply because there are an absolutely massive number of files in a Xenonauts Update. Likewise, any verification has to go through them all too. Also, it takes a long time between announcement and release for exactly that reason too.

The devs were looking into this with some mixed success, but as Gorlom said, the best bet (certainly the least stressful I found) is the standalone download.

SO not Xenonauts fault, and to be fair to Desura, not all their fault either. Xenonauts was my only game on there too, and I thought very bad things about them for a while.

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"Less than optimal" What? ;) I just don't think Desura was engineered for a game the size of Xenonauts. Putting my programmer/network admin hat on, there are all kinds of technical problems that can pop up when you start managing large numbers of individual files or very large individual files.

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In the end I did what Gorlom suggested, downloading the big, fat file via http. Which, interestingly, was around double the speed of the download with the Desura updater...

I must admit though, that I think that a BitTorrent offer would be a much better solution.

But I'm sure that all this was probably already discussed a thousand times, so I better shut up >_<

And thanks for your kind words everybody.

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