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[V1.33B - Ground Combat] Loading tactical save is stuck at 90% indefinitely


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I started my first campaign on Ironman Impossible yesterday evening after I bought X2 on Steam, and I've enjoyed it greatly so far. However, I wanted to take a break, but the game wouldn't close, so I force-quit it. Then when I go to load my ground combat save (first Cleaner intelligence hub mission) today, it gets stuck at 90% loading for at least a couple hours now. My logfile is empty, for whatever reason, but I did attach a screenshot of the loading screen and my savegame. Please help, I don't want to lose my campaign!



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  • Will changed the title to [V1.33B - Ground Combat] Loading tactical save is stuck at 90% indefinitely

Hello Will, thanks for posting about the bug!

We'll look into the issue and check whether it's a unique bug or something that we've already fixed before. However, even after we fix the bug, I'm afraid you won't be able to continue on the campaign because the most recent versions of the game (2.08) is incompatible with saves from older versions of the game due to the amount of content added since 1.33b was released.

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