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Now, how could I forget about you Walrus? Very likely that your mod for download came in after I last updated the list (he typed hopefully)?

We had a fallow few months on the mod and map lists, so I've been a tad rusty in getting them back up to speed. Next update (hopefully again) soon.

I must admit, I do prefer a little delay from when the mods are put up to them appearing on the list. It means people have to view the appropriate page and then download it, rather than downloading it directly form the mod list. Possibly silly, but at least a little nod to all the efforts that go into them.

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While you were away I made a new list with current active mods. Happy to swap it back out for this one if you want, though; I never bothered to make a list of all the older mods and the title of this thread is much clearer than my own! (And, I wouldn't have to maintain it any more :))

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Typically, I had started my update from the page I left off on, rather than the first page. I would have saved myself a lot of time if I had just seen your first :)

I should be keeping mine updated as we get past the release and some of the older mods are updated or revised (which is why some of the older ones are on there).

Obviously, you can feel free to keep yours going too. It depends on how much you enjoy doing it. It gives me a reason to keep up with all the modding threads. The plus for us is that it could mean you spend more time on your own excellent mods :)

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I don't mind doing it; I don't mind someone else doing either, though.

What I'll probably do is keep the other thread for the time being, but I'll put a link to this one as well so it's easy to find a full archive of mods that have been made for the game. At least in the short term, this might be the best solution: a shorter list with current mods on it, and a full archive in case anyone wants to look at stuff which was made in the past.

Longer term, we can possibly see about swapping them round. I emailed Chris about something a few days ago and he mentioned that he might look at setting up some proper mod-hosting functionality on this site post-release, so it might be possible to rebuild/swap round stuff if/when this happens.

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