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UFO crash sites

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It astonishes me every time I shot down a UFO, that it lands in perfect condition with just a few scratches on the hull.

What I believe would be a cool addition  to mission variety, is adding models of partially destroyed UFOs and creating tactical maps with trails on the ground behind the UFO, impact craters, fires around the crashed UFO, buidings destroyed by impacts of parts of the UFO etc...

Depending on the weaponry used to shoot down the UFO, it would suffer various degree of catastrophic damage, while main hull would be intact (could be broken into multiple parts in case of late game weaponry usage)

On the map of the crash site, there could be large fires near the crash-site, smoke, buidings destroyed by impacts of the fragments etc, 
which could be laying around the main hull (engines, turrets, hull plates) and useful as cover

Some UFOs could be destroyed in mid air but the crews managed to bail out in the escape pods just before impact, so only escape pods (and UFO wreckage) would be on the map in different locations (cities, forests, fields, roads, lakes, farms etc) with various numbers of surviving aliens.

Also there could be a probability of Cleaners trying to rescue the alien survivors, the higher, the longer it would take the player to send a squad to secure the UFO crash site (usually the timer is about 3 days, so on day 1 25%, day 2 50%, day 3 75% probability to meet a cleaner rescue team)

This would give a big variety to tactical scenarios and missions in my opinion.

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