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New UI preview!


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Not a bad idea but much too fiddly.

I would like to see the ROLE icons displayed with the soldiers, though.

Would be a good overview of the kind of squad you have on the craft.

Very agreed.

Yes, I'm looking at adding the soldier role icon on their portrait for the dropship screen. Without the final images for the soldier roles it's not really possible to try though.

EDIT: Oh neat! That's what I get for not completely reading before replying.

Why ipod?

I can remember(the fist what comes to mind) simsity 2003(seven years before) has similar rounded design, and I sure something was earler but i can't remember

You're quite right. Round vs Hard edges is somewhat of a cycle in games. Look at console hardware between competitors and generations, as an example.

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No, that'd be full seventies. You never go full seventies. You don't buy that? Ask Sean Penn.

If we went full seventies with our UI it'd look like this: http://www.synthmania.com/Famous%20Sounds/Images/Old_computer.jpg

The game interface is meant to feel retro, not actually look like it is from 1980. We've gone for rounded edges on the UI as opposed to the hard corners we had on the earlier UI because they look better, even though rounded corners and sleek design is all post-iPod stuff.

I'm not going to make my game look horrible just so it's historically accurate. Nor am I particularly keen to "attract fashion orientated players" to the game - I'm not sure they're our core audience.

(rhetorical) May I just say that I think you're making the right decision here?. Also, in regards to scientist hair-style: they are working fairly long hours and living in underground facilities. That probably goes for most of the staff. Matching external fashions would be extremely short lived.

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I think it's shaping up very nice :) I was a bit sceptical about the approach when it was first mentioned but I think that the way it turned out was much better then I imagining it looking!

Sure you could nitpick small details, always something more to do but I think that there's probably other areas that need the development time more then some fine polish that makes very little real difference in the end.

Getting more and more excited to get through the game! (Been holding off from playing much during development as to not burn myself out before the game is finished so I can appreciate it fully then)

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Is it just me, or should at least one of those people in the UI be a woman?

No, it's just you who should be a woman.


Really though isn't the quartermaster a butch woman? Even if not, I guess I wouldn't mind seeing a woman in one of those screens. There can be female soldiers after all.

Edit: I do have two questions about the new UI though.

Some of the soldier stats have two bars: one light and one dark. What is that supposed to represent?

Will it be possible to tell which soldiers aren't at full HP in the new UI? I couldn't see anything like that in the mockups, and it looks like the "personnel" screen has been eliminated and split up into the other screens.

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Some feedback:

Can we please have the black background windows back, or at least the option for it? All the white is kind of in your face.

Is there a max capacity for each storage room? I still can't see it listed anywhere...

Other than that: Looks great

Agreed. The new art is Awesome, the color scheme...not so much. I liked the darker colors as they were easier on the eyes and fit the atmosphere of the game more IMO.

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Chris, the new ui looks interesting. I'm excited to try it in a build. I do suggest on the background art to not have focus on any one individual character. For example, the storeroom guy sitting at the desk, the scientist, the mechanic. It's too upfront, and I'm sure the visual will get boring rather quick. My suggestion is just to show a workshop or laboratory were men are at work, creating a distance in the visual.

Also, are these background pictures going to look the same for every base, including the people portrayed inside them? Or does each base that get's established get there own set of background pictures?

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Thothkins. I totally understand. Personally, I currently like the Steam builds backgrounds for research, barracks, research, and workshop. It's much more aesthetically satisfying to the game compared to what is presented for the next release. And no offense, the artist's rendition of a Xeno-Base is a little too cartoonish (I guess is my point), which is why I stated the dark and serious tones of its artwork predecessors. :)

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I like the design of it, the white colors make things easy to view however going from a DARK UI to LIGHT UI is going to take some adjusting. It would be nice if instead of white it had some texture to it, like paper which isn't pure white or something? Easy thing to adjust anyway once it comes out, photoshop can fix almost anything :)

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