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Do we still get frightening pitch black night missions?


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How are night missions triggered? Is it as straightforward as shooting down a UFO in a part of the geoscape where it's night?

1) Terror Missions that happen to be at night.

2) Shoot down UFO and go collect it at night rather than waiting till daylight.

3) What I did was send out interceptors and my Skyranger and hover out there and sure enough I'd arrive after they landed, even at night, and I'd surprise them at night before they took off. This is a great way to get Elirium in larger quantities.

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Great! Combine it with the eery spooky music and you just might pull off that same tension/terror of the original. Been waiting for years for this ...remake of the original for Windows XP/7, etc.

Haven't played in about a month, but last I checked there ARE night missions, minus the darkness. More like, "slightly less light than day" missions. I think there was another thread that talked about detection distances and visual range in the night missions somewhere, and why it didn't feel like a night mission.

Basically you get flares, but unlike the original it doesn't help you hugely to use them.

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In the original, I avoided night missions, whenever possible...but having to do them for several reasons (raising opinion, gaining elerium, chance of capturing tricky aliens, etc.) made them also so memorable.

So I am all for darkness and bright flares, if possible :)

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