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Level Testing Now Live!


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Map 1 is now available for level testing in its own new sub-forum! Please read the Readme Post and then check it out if you're interested in helping out. It's our first attempt so there might be some teething issues though!

The map uses quite a few placeholder graphics but is intended to let us test a few things:

- Map sizes relative to the number of aliens in it

- A more open style of map

- The new UFO wall hiding mechanics

- The size and interior layout of the proposed new Light Scout UFO

Future maps are in the works, there'll probably be at least one more this week that will showcase the new style of the Farm maps with big LOS-blocking hedgerows. If you're lucky, we'll get the first test map for the alien bases out this week too. The Xenonaut base defence missions may appear in the next couple of weeks too, as Aaron's done a lot of new tiles for them.

The intention is that we'll iterate the maps with community feedback until we know what size works best for each UFO type, what the best UFO layout is etc, and take on board specific comments on each map so we build up a decent library of hand-crafted and playtested maps for release that are fun to play through.

In the next few weeks we'll be adding more functionality so we can test "scenarios" as well, which will involve setting a specific number of alien units and a specific number of Xenonauts with specific equipment on certain missions to see how easy / hard they are. This will require further amendments to the levelsetup.xml code and the AI code, but we're working on those.

There's also a bunch more tiles in the updated version, as well as as updated Submap / Level editors for those who like making your own maps. Enjoy!

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