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Xenonauts 2 Development Roadmap

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With Xenonauts-2 launching into Early Access, it's time to briefly explain all the new content we are planning to add on our journey towards final release!

The list below explains our priorities, but it's not exhaustive as there's also lots of small improvements planned that aren't big enough to get their own bullet point. We'll also be listening to community feedback during the Early Access period, so this list may change or expand accordingly - if you want to see something else added, please feel free to suggest it!

  • Additional Tactical Maps
  • Soviet Town Biome
  • Air Combat Revamp
  • Alien / Civilian AI Revamp
  • Cruiser UFO
  • Harvester UFO
  • Battleship UFO
  • Operation ENDGAME
  • Ending Cinematic
  • Alien - Androns
  • Alien - Reaper Bull
  • Alien - Eternal
  • Alien Psionics
  • Ultimate Interceptor
  • Ultimate Dropship
  • Ultimate Armour
  • Fusion Weapons
  • Hovertank
  • Mod Tools
  • Fullscreen Borderless
  • Community Suggestions

If you have questions about any of the items on the roadmap, please post them up for discussion as a new thread on the general forums.

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