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V26.3 STABLE RELEASED! (Closed Beta)

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Build V26.3 is now available on the standard (non-experimental) Steam / GOG branches. If you are part of our Steam Playtest, you will not get this update - you'll still have access to V26.3 but it will be the experimental version that came out a week or so ago!

As this is the final "release" build for V26, it has now been stripped of all the debug code that helps us find bugs and therefore has much better performance than the experimental version of V26.3. Our thanks go out to the community members that have tested the build over the past few months and reported so many bugs for us to fix, as this (hopefully) means this build will now be relatively stable.

This should be a fairly substantial upgrade over the existing build on our standard branches, which was previously V24.7b. The full changelog would be too long to publish, but you can see the biggest changes in the changelogs for the experimental versions of V25 and V26:

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Tested the standard V.26.3-Version yesterday evening with the Tutorial and fully fresh normal Gameplay. Couldn´t see any big Problems there. 2 small light Doorfarme-Issues in the Barm (Farm Map) were there, what I could see in my new Campaign.


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On 3/1/2023 at 7:36 PM, Twigg said:

Are save games from the experimental 26.3 compatible with the main release branch version?

Yeah, the two builds are identical in gameplay terms so you can transfer between them with no issue.

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