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[1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] Ballistics Only 2

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Yes, lasers and plasma may be fashionable. But I'd rather take Eugene Stoner's masterpiece....

"Ballistics Only" is a mod I made some years ago, although I did not post it in this forum. The concept was to add a ballistic weapon that is as good as a laser or plasma weapon, and allow you to fight with bullets until the end. I recently played this game for the first time in several years and was suddenly motivated to make a mod again.

The basic concept remains the same: add ballistic weapons to replace lasers, plasma, etc. But in working on the new one, I have added a few features that serve as some testing.

Research is now required. Don't worry. It will only take a few days each. First, completing the "Old Glory Again" research will unlock additional ballistic weapons: N14, N653, N1, N60, N1911.
These are similar to vanilla weapons, but with slightly changed status. Then, once you have finished researching the laser/plasma/MAG weaponry, you will see the corresponding project in "The Mad Scientist's Inspiration" 1 to 3. Once this is completed, an alternate ballistic weapon will be unlocked, automatically replacing the lower tier one.

The alternate ballistic weapon is slightly less powerful, but the estimated firepower is higher since the magazine capacity remains the same.

As with the previous mods, weapons are named with an "N" number. For example, a tier 1 rifle is an N16 and a tier 2 rifle is an N16A1. This does not correspond to the real world "M" numbers. However, for several reasons, I decided not to use the custom icons used in the previous mod.

The graphics for the Precision Rifle were changed to "PSG-1" as an alternative file (it's actually an SR9, though: ). I thought this was more appropriate because of the rifle's smaller magazine capacity.

As before, I do not consider them compatible with other mods. At least I don't think there is a problem with the CE version. I'm not sure...

I don't know if this motivation can be maintained. Maybe I will add a few more guns, maybe I will adjust the status, maybe I will not update anything.

I am sure I am not the only one who thinks that when trying to fight aliens we need the best rifles that human technology has produced, not lasers and plasma.  I know late to the party and this forum is not as busy as it used to be, but I would appreciate even the slightest feedback or help on this mod.


(2023-02-10)  ver2 update - added several weapons and adjusted the status of alternative ballistic weapons.

(2023-02-10)  ver2.1 - Included a spectre that I forgot to include. Fixed some code errors.



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