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Issue with Desura


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Let me first say that I'm sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum to be posting in.

So, I paid into the standard preorder a while back and directly downloaded 14.1 (or something like that) of Xenonauts. It actually worked well and good (it was quite enjoyable, of course) so no worries there. The issue came with me trying to connect it to Desura.

Namely, it -is- connected with Desura, but it does not acknowledge me as owning it. The sidebar on both the Desura client and website simply has a buy button. Is this normal, or is it just acting up on me?

I was, however, more than able to link it from Desura to my forum profile. This is my first time posting on the forums, mostly because I just lurk in the backgrounds, but I wanted to get it all settled out for the v16 that's coming along.

Is there any way that I can avoid having to pay for the alpha again? I wouldn't mind, as it is more than worth the money as it stands now, but I certainly would avoid it if I could.

That all aside, this really is a great game! I grew up with X-Com so, after years and years, it is awesome to have something that (in my mind) is even an better build of it.

So, thanks for the help!

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I am logged on, cookies are allowed through Desura, and it even picks up that I have Xenonauts. It simply has every button as a "Buy" instead of download. In complete contrast is the blue button on the top which, of course, says "Play Game" and brings me to a popup on whether I need to install Desura or am ready to play. Clicking ready to play brings up the client and launch menu as per usual.

Odd and very confusing to me. Maybe I screwed something up in the buying process?

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