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Serving in the force, looking like guile.

Having no armor, wearing a file.

Then the saucers came, we shot one down

It crash landed right in a town.

Sent to the ship, with a mission to take it.

There was an alien, short and naked.

We started to laugh, stomacks embraced

He shot our bro, straight in the face!

We killed him and took his shit back to our base.

Now with lasers, the suits got rougher.

But the aliens also are getting tougher.

The cycle goes on, and a bit later.

Losing more rookies, the challenge got greater.

Now fighting a cloak , and a black crab

A guy on a ball with a pink slab.

Add to that some purple face orc,

Freaking magnets, how do they work?

After we win, we'll continue the fight.

in somebodys pool, even during the night.

With some harpoons but no fishing net,

Wearing a fish bowl over our head.

Losing more rookies, for the foes are not equal.

Because wearing a wetsuit warrants a sequel.

(⌐■_■ )

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I'm stealing this from the signature of an old forum friend, who has been using it since the turn of the millennium. It is in use by some Dutch armed forces (I just learnt by a google search), but everything has been used somewhere.

Nunc aut nunquam.

Now or never.

Short and to the point. There is no "later", we kill them now or all of us get wiped out of existence.

Ps: to the old forum friend, who might be looking here as Xenonauts is being followed on that other forum: I told you you've made a spelling error in this sentence, but as you pointed out, it has become somewhat of your trademark. If it makes it to the game, I hope you find it flattering that you contributed it :)

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The only possible motto I can think of would be the one in my sig.

When faced with danger, when beset by doubt; run in circles, wave your arms and shout

Originally from a Gaunt's Ghosts book, I think.

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Let no one be dead today. Short sweet and to the point :D

"Yes, my first mission. I hope I get to shoot some aliens."

"You, yes you, first of the dropship!"

"Sir, yes sir!" Pazinge

"Okay, I need another rookie!"

"Sir, he was the last one."

Damn! Time to start with the women. You!"

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"Regret through force." or "Regret, forcibly."

Make them regret invading basically.

"Strength in unity."

or my ArmA 2 Squads Motto "Find a way, or make one."

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How about:

'If at first you don't succeed then bomb disposal was probably not your field anyway'

'Fools to the left of me, jokers to the right... why am I standing with the rookies?!'

'Xenonauts, world champion plasma catchers since 1979'

'A stitch in time saves rookies' - in honour of the new bleeding wounds system

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