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[v14.1] graphic bug

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Right, as none of the other long standing forumers have dropped in or anyone from the devs, I'll fill the breach.

This is a known bug, reported many times, and it's something Goldhawk have on the job list to fix in beta.

It's to do with sprite rendering order, something which Chris and the team think should be straightforward to fix, just time consuming, so they've put in on the back burner while they're still working on content, features and major bugs.

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I think putting it on the back burner is a horrid idea when it's such an obvious glitch/issue. With immersion being part of the xcom fun, this type of clipping could easily be on the forefront of gamer's issues. With people actively setting up LPs, it's something that'd definitely detract from preorders. When someone sees a consistent graphical error build through build like that, we can all see how it'd turn someone off.

I'd at least say it should get a bump, when you don't have NDA (and bless them for that) these jarring cosmetic issues should be bit more important. But again, I had not heard this from a dev so I reserve absolutely no delusions that this is indeed the case.

I sound like a jag off on the internet, I'm sorry for that. I'm a humble and easy going guy, there's just something about my typing tone that's cynical and overbearing. I appreciate this remake true to the series and admire the devs and community for their hard work/testing.

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It is an obvious glitch, but it doesn't cause the game to crash and there are other things which do cause the game to crash which haven't been fixed yet. I don't want this problem bumped before the problems that cause crashes are done with.

I hadn't known the game is still crashing. I was assuming it was a relatively stable build, I guess that was silly since it was alpha. Great point Max, excuse my ignorance. When I say I'm new, I mean it.

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The game was stable when the kickstarter demo came out, but at the moment....multiple concurrent events on the geoscape cause crashes, missing sprites for the corvette causes it to shut down and the geoscape freezes if you reload among other things. There's a looooong way to go yet. That's not to say that these bugs shouldn't be periodically posted, however, because it does remind the developers that these things need doing.

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