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Tactical Fire Mode - Brainstorming

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I believe the current methods of getting into, and especially out of, firing mode are quite irritating and clumsy. No idea is too stupid, expensive, or off the wall, as long as you know it doesn't suck; just throw ideas and see what sticks in an attempt at improving the ergonomics of fire mode.

1. Right click to dismiss the firing reticule.

2. Right click any tile, or unit to bring up a context menu. The context menu lists all firing modes. To dismiss firing, right click again and a dismiss command will appear. Scroll wheel only changes characters, and does not change functions. Clicking the weapon icon in the tray still works as always. The previous fire mode of a given unit becomes the persistent manual fire mode until changed, while the automatic fire mode for reflex is separate.

3. Middle click to change mode.

4. ???

5. Steel underwear.

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I would suggest holding down shift (or ctrl for grenades) to switch your cursor to the object target mode, as clicking the weapon/grenade does now and would continue to do.

Letting go of shift (or ctrl) would return you to your normal cursor.

Each soldier should remember their own last fire mode individually from everyone else.

The snipers don't need to set their mode to the same as the shotgun wielder you used last.

I am happy using right click to switch between aim modes.

It would be nice to be able to cycle both ways through the list so the mouse wheel could be used.

I don't really cycle through troops with it anyway as I prefer to move them by their physical position in relation to others rather than their number on the table.

Oh and escape should always cancel whatever you are doing and return you to the default action, then bring up the menu from that point.

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Ctrl brings up the fire mode yes, I reckon you should be able to do the same for grenades though.

Ctrl is the easier of the two keys I suggested to use and I feel that throwing grenades will be a more common action than using the fire mode (rather than simply mouse over on the target) so I would match them up.

The fire mode toggle is still useful though so I suggested mapping it to shift.

Escape does generally cancel your actions, I added that bit as a reply to the OP suggesting right clicks to cancel various things.

I don't like using the right click in that way personally.

I feel sticking with Esc is a better option for me.

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I would like to see all of the buttons able to be remapped.

Be nice if the basic config is set up for two buttons but it would be good to have whatever you think is important mapped to any extras you might have.

Remapping Esc to one of your mouse buttons in game for example.

I personally dislike games that use the middle mouse button but that is because I have a Mumble server that I am pretty much permanently on and middle mouse is push to talk.

No real reason why that couldn't be used for something as well though as long as it can be remapped.

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