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Bots in the Forum


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There's very little we can do about these bots, unfortunately. The forums are up to date and the anti-spam services are enabled, but there's probably humans involved in the registration of these accounts so they can get around the signup questions easily enough.

We just need to keep banning them whenever they appear and hopefully they will eventually stop.

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Posted (edited)

Hi all, an Chinese-Bot is using again 19 full Sites here and the last of the the normal one.

Please delete it again completely.

Thanks, for the big Delete. Sadly that Bot goes on. Shit learning AI which get integrated everywhere (big Searchsides, Text-Programms etc.) anymore.

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51 minutes ago, Alienkiller said:

And again our lovly chinese Bot with 3 full Sites and the last Parts of the normal one.

@Alienkiller please just Report the post if you see spam on the forums (just one report per spambot please). It's an option in the top right of the post.

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It's okay for me when people promote something they like or just share with others, but when someone just making lots of new threads with the same topic and text it's... strange, are they really sure that people will pay attention to such things?(

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