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[13.2 DRM-free download] Not sure if accidental or intentional missing content

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I kept having problems getting 13.2 through the Desura client, so I got the DDL off http://www.desura.com/games/xenonauts/download.

However, assets\units\alien\sebillian\warrior\weapon.AlienPlasmaPistol\, assets\units\friendlyaitroops\farm\weapon.shotgun\, assets\units\friendlyaitroops\industrial\weapon.laserrifle\, assets\units\friendlyaitroops\industrial\weapon.machinegun\, assets\units\friendlyaitroops\industrial\weapon.rocketlauncher\, assets\units\friendlyaitroops\industrial\weapon.scatterlaser\, assets\units\friendlyaitroops\town\weapon.laserrifle\, assets\units\friendlyaitroops\town\weapon.machinegun\, assets\units\friendlyaitroops\town\weapon.rocketlauncher\, assets\units\friendlyaitroops\town\weapon.scatterlaser\ and assets\units\xenovehicles\ferret\Ferret_scatterlaser\ are empty folders.

Are they supposed to still be?

(EDIT: The post is bizarrely splitting up the directory paths.)

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even the sebillian warrior plasma pistol folder? hmm maybe they can't use the plasma pistol...

Sebillian Warriors aren't in game yet as far as I can tell.

Non-Combatants are in for sure, and I think Guards are (for Plasma Rifle and Heavy Plasma), but nothing else.

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