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V24.5 Experimental Released (Closed Beta)

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This hotfix addresses another batch of issues discovered within V24. You'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build.

Turns out there were even more bugs in V24 than we thought, so here's another patch fixing the ones we know about! The previous build is on the Experimental Legacy branch if you want to continue to play a save from that game, as updating to this new hotfix will break save games.

Fixes / Improvements:

  • Fixed a crash when you tried to attack with a MARS with a Rangefinder.
  • Fixed a crash when you attempt to transfer items from one base to another.
  • Fixed some broken move nodes in the Battleship UFO that could cause crashes during the alien turn.
  • Fixed a spot in the Abductor UFO where two doors were placed on top of each other, causing strange behaviour.
  • Fixed the Ablative Armour engineering project giving you an unlimited number of them.
  • Fixed the Plasma Torpedo engineering project only allowing you to complete it once.
  • Added research text for the Cyberdrone autopsy.

Thanks to everyone that has reported bugs in V24 so far. Let us know if you continue to experience further bugs!

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