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[1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] Pataschka's Stargate Administrator

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This modification changes loading screens, rank images, main menu screen and the uniforms of the agents to look like the USAF uniforms from Stargate series. (ground battle basic and jackal armors were recoloured to match the new outfits)

This modification requires Xenonauts Community Edition and Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack XCE 

One way (and probably the best one) to install Xenonauts Community Edition is to switch to the Community branch in Steam by right-clicking on Xenonauts, selecting Properties, going to the Betas tab and selecting Community. After the installation process is complete Khall's More Portraits addon in X:CE should be deactivated in the launcher.

Make sure that in the launcher Pataschka's Stargate Administrator prioritized higher than Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack XCE 

Changed ranks in this modification:


Pataschka's Stargate Operatives with EASY diff savegame optional file
Apart from the main modification file Pataschka's Stargate Administrator there is an optional separate file Pataschka's Stargate Operatives

This file is the extension that adds faces of Stargate characters for the operatives pool and a savegame with edited operatives on EASY difficulty

The operatives in the savegame are:
- Jack O'Niell
- Teal'C
- Samantha Carter
- Daniel Jackson
- Vala Mal Doran
- Cameron Mitchell
- Janet Fraiser
- John Sheppard
- Teyla Emmegan
- Carson Beckett

All have edited photos, nationalities, regiments and combat experiences in the savegame file. You can check how they look in the gallery (the last 11 images)

While the mod itself doesn't require this, 
the edited savegame will work ONLY if ALL the mods from the list below are actived:
Pataschka's Stargate Operatives
Pataschka's Stargate Administrator
COM-[V1.08] Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack
Armoured Assault!
Tropical and Swamp Tileset
Ambience Forest
Extended Weapon Descriptions for Fighters
[XCE] Xenonauts Fix Pack
Khall's Tundra Tileset
Random Map Pack Arctic Collection
Random Map Pack Desert Style
Random Map Pack Farm Edition
Restored Community Map Pack
Skitso's Alien Base Booster Pack
Skitso's Improved Tile Art Pack
Skitso's Ultimate Megamix Map Pack 2000
X:CE Extra Maps Pack
X:CE Balance Adjustments
X:CE Settings
X:CE Base Mod

If you want use the edited savegame and  Pataschka's Stargate Operatives:
1. Go to your Xenonauts assets folder (C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Xenonauts/assets/mods)
2. Unzip "Pataschka's Stargate Operatives" folder into the /mods folder
3. Open "Pataschka's Stargate Operatives" folder
4. Copy STARGATE EASY.sav file from "Pataschka's Stargate Operatives" folder to c:\Users\Y\Documents\Xenonauts\ where "Y" is your username
5. Launch Xenonauts.exe
6. In the opened "Xenonauts launcher" hit the "Modding Tools" button
7. Select "Pataschka's Stargate Operatives" string and hit "Activate" Button
8. Select "Pataschka's Stargate Operatives" string and hit "Priority UP" Button (So that "Pataschka's Stargate Operatives" will be higher in the list than "Pataschka's Stargate Administrator")
9. Check what mods are activated with the list above (if there are any from the list that are not activated - active them)
10. Click "Back" button
Now you can launch the game
Please let me know if you want a savegame with these (or maybe other Stargate characters) but on another difficulty. To edit a savegame in this way is not a fast process so it will take some time.
Pataschka's Stargate Administrator

Version history:

This modification changes loading screens, rank images, main menu screen and the uniforms of the agents to look like the USAF uniforms from Stargate series.
At the main menu screen:
- The main menu screen was replaced with Cheyenne Mountain photo.
- At the difficulty screen each uniform was repainted to look like USAF uniform in following order: easy - Lieutenant Colonel, normal - Colonel, hard - Brigadier General, insane -  Major General
At the base:
- The character of the scientist in the lab facility was changed to Doctor Rodney Mckay (and for the upgraded lab facility to the face of Radek Zelenka)
- The character of the drill instructor in the personnel tab was changed to the general Hammond (and for the upgraded personnel tab to the General Landry)
- In the storage screen the character who sits there was changed to Norman Walter Davis Harriman (for the upgraded version of the storage screen was used another photo of the same character)
- The character of the engineer in the worshop was changed to Sylvester Siler
- All the soldier photos were edited to have a USAF parade uniform
- In the roster screen the basic uniform was replaced with the USAF wooden camo uniform and the jackal armor was replaced with SG-1 green uniform. Images of the uniforms were taken from the photo of the show from google.
- Ranking images and names were changed to match USAF ranks and insignias
- Buzzard and Wolf armors from Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack XCE were slightly altered to have stargate insignia.
- Funding image at the end of the month was edited to the "officer meeting" from the Stargate Sg-1 show.
- Top bar active buttons were recoloured from yellow to blue
- Soldier's role images were recoloured from Red background to Blue one.
- Xenopedia images of basic, jackal, Buzzard, Wolf armors and the image of lab facility upgrade were altered to match the changes made by this mod.
New rank names are:
- Airman
- Senior Airman
- Staff Sergeant
- 2nd Lieutenant
- Captain
- Major
- Lieutenant Colonel
- Colonel
Ground combat:
- Icon on the loading screen was changed from alien to SGC logo.
- Hidden movement screen, Mission fail and mission victory screens were edited with photos from the Stargarw SG-1 show.
- Basic armor was recoloured from blue to green to match the wooden camo image in the roster screen (due to quantity of animation images it was not possible to make camo ground combat uniform)
- Jackal armor was recoloured from blue to cold green to match the SG-1 uniform
The used source photos are not mine (I only cut, edited them and placed them into the game). Though they can be freely accessed from the internet by anyone, If you're the author or the model from one of these photos and for some reason you see the usage of the photo is inappropriate, please PM me and I'll remove them as soon as possible.
The purpose of this modification is to give the game the atmosphere from the Stargate shows to match the setting of the game. 

I give all credit to Jsleezy for basic armor helmet strap and Wolf and Buzzard armor images (which are originally from Jsleezy's_Real_Fighter_Portrait_Pack XCE modification). Also I give credit to Jsleezy for all head images in mod from "Pataschka's Stargate Administrator" folder (these are heads are too from Jsleezy's_Real_Fighter_Portrait_Pack mod which were edited to have uniform on the portraits)

The base image of the basic armor uniform was taken from the google images and belongs to an us 80s airsoft reenactor, it is not mine, I only edited and reshaped part of this image for the mod. If you are this person and you have any issues with me using part of your uniform image in my mod please PM me.

I want to say BIG thanks for people at www.goldhawkinteractive.com forum. Especially for old discussions from 2011 about character animations in Xenonauts and preservation of pfp pack/unpacker tool because without it the recolouring of basic and jackal armors won't be possible!

Installation Instructions:
1. Go to your Xenonauts assets folder (C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Xenonauts/assets/mods)
2. Unzip "Pataschka's Stargate Administrator" folder into the /mods folder
3. Launch Xenonauts.exe
4. In the opened "Xenonauts launcher" hit the "Modding Tools" button
5. Select "Pataschka's Comrade Commander" string and hit "Activate" Button
6. Click "Back" button
Now you can launch the game
This mod is compatible with anything that does not replace the same files (unless you go around tweaking them).













Pataschka's Stargate Administrator.zip

Pataschka's Stargate Operatives with EASY diff savegame.zip

Alternative link:


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