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[V23.7 - Geoscape] CTD after missions


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Exception: [INITIAL CRASH] - A fatal error occurred during Update[] - The Mission:15888 Mission - Crash Site [{No Owner}] didn't have an Icon Activity.

This has occurred when I have finished 2 UFO missions and the dropship was almost back at base. I have tried to reload a previous save from the last combat, but the crash occurred again around the same time.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Different playthrough - same crash. Shot down 2 UFOs, finished with the ground combat at the 1st. Then whatever I do, after like 20 hours the game crashes.

I have a suspicion - I have shot down an UFO previously that didn't generate a crash site. I have caught it over water, then chased it over land (some small islands). At the prompt I have shot it down, but it didn't generate a crash site or anything. I shrugged and moved on... it is possible that the crash happens 24 hours later when the non-existent crash site wants to disappear...

I think the UFO was a destroyer, but not sure. Plus, this is just a theory I am trying to confirm now.


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