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[23.6b Strategic] End Game

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The End Games is a little under underwhelming, as it is just an Alien Base mission. I know that and I hope that this is only a place holder mission. As it would be nice to have a layered number of mission to get to the end.

Also with the Valkyrie Drop-ship, it does not fit in the Alien base mission, as I had one of my troopers stuck in a wall, and this is probably why I had to move my troops back to the Dragonfly, so as to fit in the End Game Alien base mission.

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Guys, I haven´t seen the End Game yet, so I can´t say anything about it personaly. But I have read one of the last Dev Dirays (V.23-Part) correctly, you can play through fully the first time, belongs how fast you Research the Storyline-Parts without the other for me important other Researches to give the Best of the Best to your Troops and make your Bases much better.

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