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geoscape, free game perhaps this guy should be hired ASAP ..... please

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Sebastian Lague is video document his programming adventures

he made a FREE to play 'game' but wow would it make a killer geoscape

Polishing and Releasing My Tiny Geography Game



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4 hours ago, Chris said:

Yeah, that does look cool. Our Geoscape is set up to be a 2d image though, unfortunately, so this wouldn't be much help to us even if we did hire him :)

next project perhaps

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The 4 min to 5min40 show the tracing of greatcircle path on the 2D map.
That I suggest to be implemented along with the 1/cos(latitude) enlargement of radar zone.
And the x (longitude) speed bonus of 1/cos(latitude).

To correctly simulate that with are seeing a 2D representation of a 3D sphere.

Ps: great circle path is the shortest path between two point on a sphere.

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