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More Substantial Civilian Casualties

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I've noticed in Xen 1 that civilian casualties do not really affect the outcome of a mission that much. Sure, the results screen gives you a score based on how many you saved, but I did not notice any difference with funding or relations afterwards. Terror missions should be a mad rush to defend an invaded city from the aliens, but you can just take your time and slowly fight the aliens at your own pace without any negative effects.

I'm wondering if making the deaths of civilians more impactful will improve the gameplay experience substantially. I would probably make it as a reward for finishing the mission with more civilians alive instead of as a punishment for not meeting the requirement. Perhaps some bonus cash for saving enough civilians would be enough to get some players to play a little faster and slightly riskier and make Terror Missions a little more exciting without actively punishing other players that prefer to take it safer (perhaps a 50% increase in monetization in the mission for saving 50% or more civilians would be a good enough bonus). 

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