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soldier stat: Health


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Uhm, I've come across an odd situation for the first time. I am trying to max out all of my solider stats in this playthrough.

I've been having difficulty raising this soldier's HP for a long time and just last night i managed to level up her bravery to the max BUT her HP is still stuck at 97. this has been going on for more than 10 games? (i think)


HP: Increases incrementally based on the number of other skill-ups gained by the soldier.

Yes, i understand what this means and i have tried:

  • injuring & wounding her during a mission
  • getting 10> over kills for a mission
  • getting 10> over kills for 2 or 3 missions in a row

Her HP is stucked! at 97.


I am attaching the image here, have a look at her stats:

is this the end for her HP?




someone replied to my posting on steam forums. I found the answer. The character's reached the level cap.

You can close this thread. Thank you

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Found my answer
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