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Some Strategy Game about Aerial Combat that I can't quite recall


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I remember that in 2019 or earlier when ppl talk about the Air Combat System, someone had brought up an old (maybe 90s?) Strategy game that involves commanding real life USAF fighter jet squadrons to intercept UFOs. I remember that either the UI or the mechanism of the game was quite similar to military command stimulators like CMANO, or at least someone said it was realistic on a strategy level. Now that I'm really interested for playing such game but I just can't quite remember its name, and whenever i googled the results are mostly X-COM or Xenonauts, and i did tried to find the post talking abiut this with no success (maybe the post was in the older X2 feature threads that are cleared later). Did anyone else remember such game, or maybe i saw it on other sites but had confused memories?

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Maybe it was Tom Clancy’s HAWX? I played it so many years ago, and I remember it being a little complicated for me. I liked the graphics but couldn’t know how to perform certain maneuvers. And I liked a lot of other games in the series.
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon were my favorites. I need to take some time soon to download them all again and remember the good old days. It’s been a while since I played any PC game, and I really miss it. Of course, it will never be the same, but I still want this nostalgia. I wonder whether they will be compatible with my version of windows. Need to do my research on yesgamers.com to see what’s up with the compatibility.

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Hello. I am fan of WW2 history and recently wrote about Wings of Prey, which  is a World War II aerial combat game developed by Gaijin Entertainment. The game features a campaign mode with various missions based on historical events, as well as a variety of multiplayer modes. It also includes realistic flight mechanics and a wide range of historically accurate aircraft. Recently I worote article on 6000 about WW2 and used some helper like letter of recommendation writing services

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